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by Kenneth Holland

August 30, 2020

The headline of this post When patience is not a virtue signal…“Patience is not always a virtue…especially when it comes to parking lots, barbeques and bluebonnets…”

…and I think she was trying to jam her honker down my throat…

All it seemingly takes is to put an otherwise mild-mannered bloke or madame in a motor vehicle and they ditch all sense of decorum the second they are inconvenienced.

Case in point:

Bluebonnet (we’ll call her), the young…apparently cute ‘Texish’ girl was waiting for me to back my car in to a ‘modern parking spot’ (translation: not big enough to handle any car bigger than a Honda Civic).

20 seconds go by perhaps…

Next thing I know her horn is blaring at me as she rocks back in forth in convulsions. Me thinks I took too long to back my car in and Miss Bonnet was losing her cookies as I’m sure she was late getting that chicken home to go in the smoker (I was told that’s a Lone Star thing).

As she finally sped by while ushering hand gestures in my general direction I smiled but also felt thankful this was a parking lot and not the interstate (more on Texans’ driving in a future installment).​​

When Patience is Not a Virtue…It’s About The Now…Which Brings Little

Now, I know we all have stuff we need to tend to in a timely fashion…after all, isn’t that the world we live in now?

Butt, that is exactly the problem I see in our tribe of humans in the present day.

The inability to have patience​​ and the willingness to experience ‘the long view’ in any mission or endeavour.

​​”I want it yesterday”, is the mantra, Yet, to those who have any life experience…they know that this is pure folly and borderline laughable in its real-world application.

So when I’m presenting to my esteemed members of my Email Insiders Group the benefits of a training or strategy, I always try to remind that any opportunity takes effort and patience.

For some, however, this falls on deaf ears. They’d rather keep chasing the shiny barbeque…kinda like Ms. Bluebonnet.

For those of you who DO get it…find something that makes sense and rings true to you…and pound it in to the ground with relentless consistency.