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by Kenneth Holland

September 3, 2020

The headline of this post The Sales Guru Review: An Exercise in Ex-Lax“The Sales Guru Review reminds me of the worst in advertising. But sometimes you gotta wade through the slop because gold hides in there…”

As he prances around the Mercedes spewing his ‘guru-ish’ banter I’m thinking to myself:

‘This is not all that funny.” And I think it’s because this kind-a behavior is so prevalent in the home-biz industry that I’d rather not see it…even in jest.

Maybe I’ve lost my sense of humor? And could you blame me this year?

If you’re not sure what I’m bantering about it’s in the link at the bottom of this, but basically it’s a parody of the slimy, hypey infomercial style internet marketing launch promising ridiculous results from a digital training with very little work involved.

But here’s the thang:

The results shown in The Bevis Producer are verified. It’s not “you could be making bookoo dollares blah blah…”

The Sales Guru Review Turned on its Head

People are actually doing it and having success.

3 reasons for this:

1. Not many are using this strategy. Why? Well…it still takes actual work (uh…like everything else). However, so many steps have been already completed for you due to the people actually putting this together. All you have to do is reignite it by making a comment on a Facebook post.

Then the ball starts rolling.

2. As I’ve said before, I love running paid advertising (well, when I turn a profit…which isn’t all the time) but almost all beginners and novices don’t. They’re scared (and who can blame them) so when you have an opportunity to get free traffic you should jump all over it.

3. The sales training in this program is top notch. The Facebook part of the training is worth hundreds by itself.

Keep in mind that all advertising inherently has a certain amount of hype involved…for better or worse. Criminy, McDonalds and Coke convinces millions to put that crud in their body.

‘Nuff said.

The Bevis Producer is the real deal, Monty Hall be damned.

Go below for the deets:

The Bevis Producer 2