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by Kenneth Holland

August 8, 2020

The headline of this post 'The Big Toe is Pretty Small' over a background image of post author Kenneth Holland.If you knew an endeavor you were undertaking would absolutely succeed, how likely would you be to quit?

It’s actually a stupid question, because how many things in life are truly guaranteed?

“Show Me Proof That This Works”

You cannot show anyone anything with any certainty. They must pull up the one thing that can give them the fuel to commit, to act…and then to press on.


It is in short supply…and only because it lies on the path opposite to the one of least resistance.

But people these days don’t operate on faith anymore.

And they don’t operate on commitment.

People always look outside themselves for the answer, when the answer ALWAYS lies within.

Retreat is easy when it is always an option. It is off the table when it isn’t…