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by Kenneth Holland

August 29, 2020

The headline of this post Posting on Multiple Facebook Groups (Facecooking the Books)“Posting on multiple Facebook groups can be tricky and get you spanked on the behind by The Zuckster…unless you do this…”

“You can make canoodles and bazillions with Facebook ads…”

…the Flextape guy even said so!​​​​

In the interest of full disclosure, yours ‘drooly uses Facebook advertising and benefits from it greatly.

Howeva…this has required a bit of learning curve. In fact, I’m even a current proponent of running Facebook ads since ad rates have gone down as a result of Pandemicus Crappius.

But the fact remains most people simply can’t afford the cost of running Facebook ads…not to mention losing money on them.​​

Oh sure, we’ve all tried to benefit from the glorious organic (free) reach of Facebook but yet we also know that we’ve been chopped off at the knees by Sparticus Zuckerbergius so he can…well…charge us for ads.

So what’s a man or a dame to do?

Posting on Multiple Facebook Groups Still Works…

Oh I got a little tip for ya to increase your organic reach (a simple workaround). It’s sharing your posts on Facebook Groups….but…with a few key ‘twists’ if you will:

Step 1: Start searching for Facebook groups in your niche (once you enter a keyword in the search bar click the ‘groups’ tab)

Step 2: Start asking to join these groups but DO NOT attempt to join more than 10 groups a day. If you do too much of this too quickly you run the risk of tripping a filter with Facebook and they’ll put you in their brig.

Step 3: Start posting some helpful content on those groups. You don’t have to go overboard, but you have to demonstrate that you’ll contribute value. If you don’t want to do that, then be a taker and see how far that gets you.

Step 4: NOW…when you have a post your own wall or page, simply share to the groups you’re on. IMPORTANT, do NOT share one after the other right away or again, you’ll land in the aformentioned Facebook graybar resort.

What this does is simple: It extends your reach to the people who have already liked your page. Simple to do.

Easy huh? Want more amazing tips and musings from the affiliate marketer extraordinaire? Join my Email Insiders Group (look for the form or popup on this page).

(Here’s an older vid I did on the strategy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQWhHR4aNTY)