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  • Your Online Business Survival is Not About a Virus or Even the Economy – The Bizcrush #014

by Kenneth Holland

April 8, 2020

I’m seeing something very interesting in the online business community this past month with all the health and economy madness.

A lot people are posting articles and video on how to how to survive as a small business in these troubled times. Take note…some of the videos I’ve watched are from big time online marketers/influencers.

Look…I get it. The economy is in a freefall and we are entering a recession.

However, to be blunt with you…I find it laughable that some suggest it’s time to ‘pivot’.

Time to ‘change your ways’ because ‘things are never going to be the same again’.

Now, if they’re referring to the fly-by-night sheisters who peddle crap online…well, damn I hope they’re right.

But other than that, I’m here to tell you…not a whole lot of ANYTHING is going to change at all….

IF you do this (watch the video):