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by Kenneth Holland

July 24, 2020

The headline of this post 'Why Network Marketing Duplication is a Myth' over a background image of a crazy crowd.Network Marketing is quite the buzzword in the business world. Let’s face it: It has the unflattering reputation of a hypey, get-rich quick scheme and this label has dogged it for decades.

And you know what? Most of it is deserved.

Between unscrupulous MLM owners, seedy con-man distributors and naive newbies being the promised the world (and the beach) in 6 months, no wonder its reputation is shit.

So without further ado, here’s what I’ll cover in my video below:

– Why Most MLM Management Fleeces Their Distributors.

– The Number One Reason you Cannot Leverage the People in your Downline Consistently, If Ever.

– Why ‘Building Downlines for You’ is a Flat Lie.

– What Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Being a Doctor and Washing a Car Have in Common.

– If the ‘Huge’ Duplicatable Downline Promise is SO Great, Why do Many of the Top MLM ‘Gurus’ Sell Their Oragnization?

– IF You’re Going To Do MLM You Must DO THIS.

Go watch my video (and get a chuck on my chubbiness…):