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by Kenneth Holland

October 22, 2020

It's never gonna be the same

It's never gonna be the same

I would start late in the afternoon...head to downtown Palm Springs and watch one of my favorite cover bands under a clear, blue desert sky while sipping on a cold Margarita.

Then I'd hit some other favorite spots in the Coachella Valley...Palm Desert...then Indio where I would party the night away at my favorite Casino and watch some great tribute bands (see video below).

More drinks, great friends...work was a distant memory for the day (I actually can't call it work in our line of business so I'm not complaining) and all was right with the world.

In other words...

It was perfect.

All I want to do is go back to how it was. Right?

It's Never Gonna Be the Same: Pandemics, Unrest, Uneasyness

Nor should it be.

Us humans are tricked in to thinking that our memories can be recreated and duplicated and that will give us eternal happiness.

They can't. You can't. And you don't want it that way.

Memories are called memories for a reason. They are to be reflected on...to be visited once in awhile and smiled upon.

But you can never go back. Going back is just back-ward.

Not looking back is the only way forward.

So many times I've made this mistake. To attempt to rehash the cocktails of my splendid memories. To hold on to the things that aren't really there (anymore).

Then you realize that there is new music to savor...new fragrances to smell and new sun to bathe in.

Sure...as I write this we are living in a truly troublesome time. It would surely  be better to go 'back to how it was'.

But would it?

Is backward ever the way forward?

Only time will tell, but know that you'll never recreate what was.