BizCrushers (#BizCrushers) is an exclusive group of go-getter marketers who are ready to make a difference in their online business…and their life.

#BizCrushers don’t spam Facebook groups, pages, profiles or any of that nonsense because it DOESN’T WORK. #BizCrushers are here to help you build a REAL online business so you can actually thrive…

This is a FREE group to join…provided you adhere to the rules for the benefit of all the members. Beginners, Intermediates and Experts ALL welcome.

When you click ‘Join’, you’ll be asked one or more simple questions to confirm that you will not break the rules. In other words, be cool and you will love the community.

Here are the rules…

1. NO Posting Of Offers Or Self-Promotion Allowed…EXCEPT On Fridays

– This means NO posts to your offers, affiliate offers, other people’s offers…NO offers.

– No promoting upcoming videos of yours (live or otherwise) that are promotional in nature (see below).

– No posting or promoting of your social profiles.

– ANYTHING that promotes you. You’ll be able to do this stuff (as I said above) on Friday.

NOTE: I (and one of my admins) may post something promotional if I/we deem that it helps the community. I reserve the right to do this as we run the group. If you aren’t ok with this do not join.

2. What You CAN Post

– FIRST: Posts that included the hashtag #BizCrushers get priority attention. So it’s SIMPLE: Include this hashtag on all your posts! We’re here to crush after all…

– Any question(s) regarding your business and moving it forward…things you need help on are encouraged.

– Content that is NON-promotional is good too.

– Memes/sayings are allowed…if your URL is on the graphic that is ok but NO hyperlinks.

– Offering tips to others is great. DO NOT link to resources you may recommend (because people simply abuse this) and again NO ‘I’ll PM you or ‘PM me’.

3. The Posting of Videos

– You CAN post videos as long as there is no call to action. Inspirational and uplifting videos etc…are encouraged as well as straight content.

4. No Solicitation Or Private Message Requests In The Group

– Do not post in the group for someone to PM you, or vice-versa. Ever.

– Your comments (and YOU) will be removed.

5. Be Nice and Be Helpful

– No explanation necessary. If you post looking for help…help others too.

The staff at reserves the right to change these rules without notice for the betterment of the group.

Let’s help people succeed folks! Now c’mon in!

Kenneth Holland