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by Kenneth Holland

June 3, 2020

Well…you asked for it…you got it!

I get pestered on this particular subject just about more than any other.

Makes sense…I get it.

You want to know ‘the answer’.

The ‘secret’.

That ‘thing’ that will tie it all up in a pretty bow and rain dollas’ in your banking app (I think ‘bank accounts’ is a passe term now, right?).

You want it demystified for you:

> How to get traffic (NO COST and VERY cheap paid traffic)

> Done for you content

> Email list building

> How to convert your traffic

> Facebook marketing

You get where I’m going with this…

Here is not only the best affiliate marketing training for beginners (and experts alike I might add) but absolutely the top 3 you MUST address if you want to break out of the funk you’re in and avoid the common affiliate marketing mistakes known to mankind (and in parts of Mars).

We’ll start with #3 and work to #1 (THE most important).

Grab yer lollipop...here we go...

1. Google

Yessir Jeb. The big G’ster. There is more information to be had just by rolling up your cigars…eh sleeves…and doing some searching. I have some advanced strategies to make this even more effective (and much quicker) so stay tuned for that soon.

2. Bizcrush.com

Yeppers. This site right here. Why? Because not many know the affiliate marketing industry better than me. It’s also THE best business model you can be in, period. Daily posts to help you and some new goodies coming your way…all pro bono.

AND…………..*drum roll* “Nummmmmmber ONE!!!”

3. Your Head

“What the pombiffery Kenster???” you exclaim in disgust and disappointment.

I am deadly serious. You must address and fix the issues you have in your head every damn day. This ONE thing derails more people than any financial shortfall or lack of knowledge EVER will. My own personal journey can attest to this. My contemporaries can attest to this (many of them MUCH wealthier than I).

Folks, that is WHY they ARE wealthy.

Don’t believe this? Dismiss it at your own peril and you will stay right where you are.

This is why I delve in to the mental aspect with my personal clients in my strategy calls. In fact, I demand it when people hire me (don't bother trying to secure my services BTW...I am not doing personal consultations anymore).

Serious stuff. But a game changer nonetheless.


Affiliate Bonding Continuity

A stupidly inexpensive course (for now) that will show you how to sell a ton of affiliate products that truly help people while you work less...and you'll have more fun doing it.

Disclaimer (more like a caveat...or even a warning): You'll have to put in some serious effort and do what the course actually teaches. If you can't be a grown up and face the reality of some 'elbo-greeze',  go to the Amway party down the street...

If...IF, howeva' you are ready to leave the herd behind (and laugh at their spinning wheels...before feeling bad and actually helping them with what I'm going to teach you) then click the Uniform Resource Locator (I mean the URL...the link below) and grab this bad boy...

This bad boy 🙂