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Super Bowl Ads in 2020 – A Missed Facebook Opportunity Once Again? [TBC #003]

I saw this last year…advertisers spent MILLIONS and MILLIONS (actually $5.6 million for a 30 second spot) to promote their brand during The Super Bowl.

But…NONE of the companies I researched seemed to run any Facebook ads to promote their commercials on their Facebook page…or run any product promotions either.

Are they not allowed to? Exclusivity? I haven’t found any evidence to support that.

I discuss it here on The Bizcrush…Episode #003.Continue reading

Income Store Shut Down by The SEC – Herewith The Lesson…YET AGAIN! [TBC #002]

Income Store Shut Down by The SEC – Herewith The Lesson…

We all have expectations in life…whether it be business or professional. And expectations are often borne from investment.

Income Store is a type of passive business opportunity where someone can invest a sum of money and get a return of up to 20%…claims the company.Continue reading

The ONE THING Kobe Bryant DID That We Can All Learn From… [TBC #001]

As a life-long Lakers fan, I…and countless others watched Kobe Bryant grow up to be one of Basketball’s greatest legends.

His death (plus the death of his daughter and the 7 others in that helicopter) hit me, as well as many many others, especially hard.

There’s a few reasons for this. But more importantly, here’s what we can learn from a mega-successful person so that his passing is not all for naught.

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Single Opt In vs Double Opt In: Which Should You Use?

The headline of this post “Single Opt In vs Double Opt In: Which Should You Use?” over a background image of an email 'at' symbol

Single Opt In vs Double Opt In: Which Should You Use?

For those entrepreneurs who appreciate the power of email marketing, list building is a fundamental part of the formula. When experienced marketers say “the money is in the list”, they should be taken very seriously.

A well-managed list will provide an endless source of revenue and is a valuable asset to any business. One crucial step in determining how a list is built is whether or not to use the single opt in or double opt in method of securing subscribers.

What is Single Opt In vs Double Opt In?

There are any number of ways that a potential customer will be prompted to join or “subscribe” to an email list. In the case of an online sales page, visitors will be encouraged to enter their contact information in order to access a particular offer. This process is referred to as the “opt-in”.

In the case of the single opt in, once the customer enters their contact information, they’re immediately added to the email list. There is no further action required on their part…and they’re now an active lead and an instant asset to the list.

A double opt in, however, requires a two-step process: The customer will go through the initial step, but will then be emailed a confirmation to the address they submitted in the contact form. Their response, or confirmation, to this email is the second part of the opt-in. It’s only after the second step that they become an active lead.Continue reading

Why they don’t give a rats A$$ about you…

The headline of this post “Why they don’t give a rats A$$ about you…” over a background image of a hot woman at a barA quick story about this really hot girl I met sometime back…

So I’m at one of my favorite restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona (where I used to live)…I’m watching the house band play, I’m having a Margarita, it’s 78 degrees and all is right with the world.

Then strolling in comes this stunner of a woman.

‘Damn,’ I mutter to myself.

I then notice as she sits down she’s stealing glances at me.

‘Ok’, I think to myself. ‘It’s ON’!

(yes, men really say that to themselves on occasion ladies. Yes, we’re L.A.M.E.)

So I walk over, introduce myself, and we start chatting. She’s friendly, if not measured, and I think it’s going pretty well.

Then, as soon as you can say ‘Your Victoria’s Secret subscription has been revoked’, she gets up, quickly says, ‘yeah nice to meet you Kevin’ and rambles away.


Look…Continue reading

“Thank you for telling me the truth”

The headline of this post “Thank you for telling me the truth” over a background image of actor Bob Balaban in the movie '2010'It’s a movie scene that frankly gives me goose bumps and chokes me up every time I watch it.

“Thank you for telling me the truth.”

“You deserve it.” replied Dr. Chandra.

This is a stellar scene in the movie ‘2010: The Year We Make Contact’.

In the scene the astronaut, Dr. Chandra, is trying to get the super intelligent computer Hal 9000 to NOT stop the crew ship’s countdown to fire their engines and escape certain obliteration from an exploding planet.

But Hal isn’t being told everything about why they want to leave.

And Hal wants to know the truth.

Here’s the exchange between Dr. Chandra and Hal:Continue reading

Gassy Complainers, The Shamwow and Smoky Cash Prizes – BC Review

The headline of this post “Gassy Complainers, The Shamwow and Smoky Cash Prizes – BC Review” over a background image of The Shamwow Infomercial guyOk, Santa finally left…and I think he took all the $80,000 car ads with him. Because…you know…EVERYBODY buys ‘Beemers and Mercedes’ for each other. It’s the season of giving, after all…

And now that we’re firmly planted in to 2020 (remember to write the whole Year number now because if you don’t your house will blow up and The Boogieman will take your Cornflakes…) we’re all gonna work harder and stick to those resolutions, right?

I say we resolve to chuck the resolutions and just do the best we can…and not be tied to a calendar…but that’s me.

But I digress…

I present to you the first edition of The BC Review (get it?)…otherwise known as: My blatant strategy to get you to read my past content!

Oh…but there’s nugget o’ Gold in here…so let’s hop to it…Continue reading

Stop Complaining and Start Working

The headline of this post “Stop Complaining and Start Working” over a background image of Gary VaynerchukWas talking to a guy the other day when I was out and he said something interesting:

“Donald Trump was given all his money.”

Yes, Trump inherited a sizable sum of money from everything I’ve read…although nowhere even close to what he is worth now.

‘So what’s your point?” I asked.

“That’s the only way you get wealthy.” the guy answered.

I just shook my head.

That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve heard all year. Seriously. If you believe that you need your head examined.

(NOTE: This is not pro or anti-Trump…so if for some reason you’re offended in either direction go away. This is for people focusing on THEIR life…not who the freaking President is….)

As Gary V said in this video (see below)…Continue reading

Jim Jones and the Social Media Koolaid

The headline of this post “Jim Jones and the Social Media Koolaid” over a background image of Jim JonesIf you’re old enough you might remember the name ‘Jim Jones’.

In 1978 good ol’ Jimmy ran what was now famously known as the Peoples Temple…a crazy-ass cult ran by Jones who was the classic nutjob who got 918 of his cult members to swig Koolaid laced with Cyanide which completed the largest known mass suicide in recorded history.

Nice guy.

Apart from the over 300 children that perished in this tragedy (unimaginable to even think about!), no guns were put to those grown-ups’ heads when they sealed their fate by drinking the concoction.

‘And what does this have to do with Social Media?’ you ask?


Every freaking day I see people being fed the equivalent of YooHoo about how the way to sell online is through Social Media.

No. You. Don’t.Continue reading

Did it Pass You Like a Fart in the Wind??

The headline of this post “Did it Pass You Like a Fart in the Wind??” over a background image of The Warden in the movie 'Shawshank Redemption'The Warden was pissed…and couldn’t believe it.

After all, how could a prisoner in a maximum security prison bust out of his cell and escape…

…without even disturbing the crickets?

And if you’ve ever seen the flick ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, it’s one of the all-time greatest movie scenes ever.

In case you haven’t, the main character Andy (played by Tim Robbins) spends 19 years boring a hole in his cell wall unbeknownst to anyone until he finally makes his escape in the dead of night…

…much to the shock of the Warden and his prison guard cronies.

“It’s a miracle! Man up and vanished like a fart in the wind!!” the Warden exclaims in disgust.

And so it goes with your email inbox as well…Continue reading

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