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Quit NOW if You Can’t Do This [VIDEO]

The headline of this post “Quit NOW if You Can’t Do This” over a background image of cards being folded in a poker game.Seriously…you need to quit now.

I know…I frickin’ know…

Usually my post titles are usually literary pieces of gold. But I’ve been in a rant mode lately because I’m seeing so much stupidity in our crazy world of work at homeness.

And I don’t want you skipping down this path of ill-repute…otherwise known as being broke the rest of your life.

…and not getting this simple, most basic thing you must do in your business…Continue reading

I like my Fridays Black…so she said…

The headline of this post “I like my Fridays she said...”…and with a wistful…if not mischievous smile, she sipped her strong Jamaican coffee…

My good friend Tina always was a sucker for a sale…and a burly cup o’ Joe.

So the other day she’s getting all revved up for the ‘spethal of ‘spethals….

Oh yes…

That would the provincial (and highly maniacal) Black Friday.

Or as I like to call it…’The Crazed Hordes of the Underworld’.

And they’re all out for the same thing:


CUT! Hold on to your be-geezers for a second…because it’s time I let you in on a little secret.

It AIN’T about value.

No sir…you’ve been hoodwinked.Continue reading

“Start your own online business…just $250 per eye”

The headline of this post “Start your own online business…just $250 per eye” over a background image of post author Kenneth Holland.“I’ll only need your corneas for 20 minutes and then I’ll get ’em right back to you.”

I’m seeing (and hearing) a ton of these ads now on TV and radio…

You know what I’m talking about. The whole Lasik eye craze.

“Call now! Just $250 per eye while supplies last!”

I know quite a few people who have had their peepers overhauled with this procedure so I’m not arguing that it works. I’m just rather surprised that this method of advertising works for a medical procedure that’s obviously considered sensitive…

But from the amount of ads it IS apparently working.

“Start Your Own Online Business”

This reminds me of all the ‘ads’ I see on Facebook…especially the spammy groups.

An example I just pulled up from .76 seconds of searching:

‘If you could use a extra $300-$500 a week. for spending $18 one time…Would it be worth it?’

Do I get Lasik with this?Continue reading

Isn’t it time to bet on you?

The headline of this post “Isn’t it time to bet on you?” over a background image of post author Kenneth Holland.“You name him. I beat him.”

Boxing has always fascinated me from a psychology standpoint. I think most misunderstand the sport because it’s really not about violence as much as it is tactics…

…and mindset.

“If you fight angry, you make a lot of mistakes, and when you fight a sharp, witty fighter like me, you can’t make mistakes.” – Floyd Mayweather

I’m not a Floyd Mayweather fan, but I admire his single-mindedness. His confidence. His unwavering belief that no one can beat him and he is willing to bet on himself and put it all out on the line.

But he does not let his anger get the best of him.

There is the now the well-known story of how Floyd tried to bet 400K on himself before his fight with Conor McGregor (they didn’t allow the bet). Knowing his personality and ego, I’m sure he wanted to bet 10 million.

He absolutely believed and knew that he would win.

I’ve learned through my own experience that if you do 2 things you cannot be stopped:Continue reading

The Optical Delusions That Keep You Broke

The headline of this post “The Optical Delusions That Keep You Broke” over a background image of post author Kenneth Holland.We’ve been on roll this week…

I say ‘we’ve’ because of YOU…my Insiders Email Group (if you’re not why not??). You’re taking the time to read my emails/posts and I’m getting real with you…as I always do. And I appreciate the feedback I’m getting.

Some of the content this week has been heavy. Some would consider it negative (have had a few replies on this) but largely the response has been great. That’s because most of you GET IT. You get that some real changes need to take place in our world of online business. You get that people’s attitudes have to change if they’re going to see change in their lives.

So on that note…Continue reading

Beating the Biz Opp Trolls for Fun and Prophet

The headline of this post “Beating the Biz Opp Trolls for Fun and Prophet” over a background image of a scary doll.“Kicking tires just turns your shoes black.” – Kenneth Holland

People from all around the world will gladly send you money 5$ 10$ 15$! Get from people all over the world $10.000 thousand dollars a month. –

100% FREE: Discover how to EASILY generate “$688 a day” TODAY using this ONE SIMPLE Trick…

You have such an opportunity in front of you…

Because the crap above is NOT a business. In fact. it’s downright disgusting.Continue reading

If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice…

The headline of this post “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice…” over a background image of post author Kenneth Holland.Ah…commitment.

Just the sound of the word can conjure a feeling of…’finality’. ‘Lock down’.

But it can also suggest ‘solidarity’. ‘Discipline’.

Funny how a word can elicit different feelings and emotions. And they can oftentimes be very contradictory.

I sometimes reflect on the numerous occasions in my life when I could not…would not…commit to a endeavour, business or personal.

“Well, it’s a big decision.” I would reassure myself. And indeed, some decisions ARE big decisions and can create a good measure of uncertainty. And they SHOULD be carefully weighed.

Then there are ‘things’ that we cannot commit to…won’t commit to. And we wonder why…

It’s about failure. Knowing if something will simply work. But not just failure. What if whatever we commit to does work?

What if it DOES work?Continue reading

Suffer From Social Media Phobia? Do This…

The headline of this post “Suffer From Social Media Phobia? Do This” over a background image of post author Kenneth Holland.It’s the new scourge of the earth and taking down anyone who gets in its way.

It doesn’t discriminate.

It’ll chew you up and spit you out.

It plays with Hot Wheels.

(Ok…I got a little carried away there…)

I’m talking about the dreaded disease, Social Media Phobia.

And if you suffer from this malady, let me give you one key remedy (kinda like a cough syrup or a shot in the bum).

It has several forms, so let’s take them one by one…or least until I get tired and stop because I want a beer (which I think will be soon…)Continue reading

Why You’re Not (and WON’T) Win Social Media…

The headline of this post “Why You’re Not (and WON’T) Win Social Media” over a background image of Kylie Jenner.Kylie Jenner is a billionaire.

She attained this almost impossible (and for most…totally needless) goal by being part of a famous family known for being…


…and leveraging Social Media.

Good for her…and her family. But they still don’t know how to sell.

And that’s potentially YOUR problem…if you’re wasting your time trying to make sales on Social Media.

If you think that IT will make you rich? I’m here to tell you…it won’t.

Pictures of your ass 7 times a day isn’t a business…even if your bio says ‘Public Figure’ and ‘Business Inquiries’. I don’t care how good the Yoga pants look…ok…I DO like them…but you’re still not a business.

At least a sustainable one…

Here’s a few key things you can (SHOULD) learn. Do these, then work your ass off for the next 20 years (seriously) and you’ll be ahead of 99% of the rest…Continue reading

Running Social Media’s Version of Amway Are Ya?

The headline of this post “Running Social Media's Version of Amway Are Ya?” over a background image of 2 bums on the sidewalk.“Here’s what the big earners do now…running ads is obsolete.”

And then he proceeded to show me the ins and outs of ‘leveraging your personal Facebook profile for big earnings’.

I lasted 4 days and finally came to my senses. “What the hell am I doing?” I muttered to myself.

This was 4 years ago, and I had just come back to internet marketing after a self-imposed ‘retirement’. I had been gone long enough so when I returned I made the mistake of listening to someone who talked a good game and had a ‘reputation’ (boy…did he…I would later find out) of making big money (he didn’t) and that he had ‘cracked the code’ on Facebook. (he cracked nothing)

‘Strike up conversations with people on your Facebook friends list!’ ‘Add new people every day and talk to them too…!!!’

Maybe someone has taught you this method. Maybe you’re doing some form of this now.

Best case scenario: this is NOT a long-term solution. Worst case (more likely): You are hurting your present and future business reputation.

Hey, if you enjoy it and are meeting new peeps I’m not going to criticize that…whatever floats your root beer.

But it ain’t a business.Continue reading

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